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Aug. 11, 2021

Perseverance Pays Off with Paul Saunders (LoadingReadyRun)

Perseverance Pays Off with Paul Saunders (LoadingReadyRun)

Paul Saunders' first experience producing content was helping his good friend Graham Stark participate in a film festival. It was an animated video that took a lot of work to put together, but it was an experience both friends enjoyed. They agreed that consistency is vital to becoming good at something, so Paul had the idea of producing one video per week, with the sole difference of filming rather than using computer animation. And they did; they created and uploaded a new video every week for the next 15 years without missing one. That is how LoadingReadyRun was born. 

Paul Saunders is one of the Co-Founders of LoadingReadyRun, an independent original shorts and series on YouTube producer. They produce sitcoms like Friday Nights and commodoreHUSTLE, satirical news shows like CheckPoint, a comedy podcast called Qwperline, and a Magic podcast called TapTapConcede. They also create variety and gaming content on Twitch. Since 2007, LRR has helped raise money for Child's Play Party, raising over $7 million for children's hospitals by 2020. LRR content was featured at the Comic-Con International Film Festival in San Diego and won numerous awards at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival.

In this episode, Paul shares a bit of how he got into Magic, videogames, and content creation. We explore the content creation universe, its challenges and rewards, and its bitter and teaching moments. Paul shared his vision on where he thinks the future of gaming is heading and his opinion on VR as a gaming and entertaining device. We also discuss the evolution of the content creator profession and how it was for Paul to fully embrace it. 

Tune in to Episode 8 of A Gamer's Story and get to know better the mind of one of the funniest content creators in the gaming space.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get started playing games, in particular, MTG? (1:19)
  • How did you begin LoadingReadyRun? What was your thought process behind it? (7:26)
  • How did you branch out into so many forms of media? (11:52)
  • Did your family understand when you started to make sketches and gaming-related content? (26:05)
  • How long does the process of having an episode go from idea to getting set out? (40:12)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The story of how LoadingReadyRun was created (7:29)
  • Paul talks a bit about his character on Friday Nights ( 18:19)
  • Paul shares his opinion on where he believes HR is heading (27:07)
  • A brief tour on how commodoreHUSTLE episodes are created (37:44)
  • Content way ahead of its time, the Three PS3s video (50:32)


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