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Love it ❤️

Great show! I will recommend this to my friends and family. Keep it up 👍

Noah's Energy is Contagious

Noah's passion includes gaming. He is 13-years old and has been gaming since the age of 6. Through this podcast, he will fulfill his curiosity to learn about gamers lives and who they are as people. His inquisitiveness goes beyond gamers. He wants to get to know people who create the games gamers play. He is quite engaging. I enjoyed listening to this first episode with Noah's mom helping Noah let me get to know Noah and his love for gaming. Even though I am not a gamer, I enjoyed listening to this episode. If you want to learn more about gamers and the people who create the games gamers play, then you will definitely want to listen to Noah and his guests on A Gamer's Story.


Noah is such a thoughtful interviewer. As an adult that likely had some string thoughts about kids and gaming I have learned and adjusted my thoughts about it. Noah you’ve done something amazing here and I’m excited to following.

An impressive interviewer

Noah is such a fun, enthusiastic and engaging interviewer. I look forward to hearing more of his interviews.

Interesting and engaging!!

Noah's interview of Coolcat Terri was informative and engaging the entire time. Noah asks the questions listerners actually want to hear!! He's such a talented interviewer and brings to the table nothing but professionalism, personal connection, informative content and sincerity!! I can't wait to listen to more of Noah's episodes!!

A Gamer’s Story!!!! - AWESOME!!! - G.G.

Noah is the youngest person I know doing a podcast and this is SO AAMMAZZING!!!! I love seeing young people doing something positive and productive. Good job - to his parents for teaching him so young to pursue a dream and see where it leads. I have a son - who is a gamer and he plays football games mostly, but I will be sharing this podcast with him and my other young family members. Noah is leading the way and clearing a positive path for the youth. His example teaches, that we are never too YOUNG or OLD take anything that we are passionate about - like his love for playing games and turn it into a productive and entrepreneurial future!!! Thank you Noah - this is inspiring and I will continue to tune in!

So much fun!

Noah is such a gifted interviewer. I love getting to know the interesting stories about how they got started with gaming and how it has changed over the years.

Super Informative

Great interview! I really enjoyed the questions and responses. It was very informative whether you’re a gamer or just trying to have a better understanding what it’s like be a gamer.

Noah’s Enthusiasm Shows

Listening to Noah speak, his enthusiasm and love of the culture of gaming come through loud and clear. Looking forward to more!

Great interview on the life of a gamer

Very engaging interview on the life of gamer. Looking forward to the future episodes.

Great podcast

Noah has a unique voice and his podcast is what gamers need to listen to.

Great interview.

Noah’s interview of coolcat Terri is very informative and interesting! Really captured my attention to hear how this gamer got started and her advice for other gamers

A rookie with a great future!

Even when I first heard the introduction I was amazed. I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this and I can’t wait to see more people he interviews. It is so entertaining and never gets boring.

Listen to Noah!

This kid is going places. Subscribe and thank me later!

Wise beyond his years!

Noah is indescribably precious. He is taking an interest of his and diving deeper than the surface level information. He wants to know the people behind the games...their story. You can tell he is genuinely interested to know more about the people he admires. He is authentic and kind and will no doubt be a success in whatever he pursues.